We’re Committed To Quality

GemRed focuses on the development and application research of Capacitive Grating Sensors and MEMAS sensors, with the production and sales of angle& level measuring instruments as our core business. Our products are available in more than 60 countries. The products cover three major fields: general hardware tools, industrial-grade high-precision measuring instruments, and smart tools for health management. 

Business Advantages

Strong technical R&D capabilities

With 44 patented technologies, four major categories of measuring instruments have been developed based on core sensing technology: Angle/Level/Distance/Circumference series.

Strictly control product quality

From chip binding, workpiece assembly to product packaging, all production links are strictly controlled to ensure high product quality and high stability.


We have reached long-term and stable cooperation with many well-known instruments-selling enterprises, successfully entered various e-commerce platforms and large tools-selling supermarkets.

Professional team, win-win cooperation

We have a professional technical R&D, product design and sales team, which can provide you with personalized product customization, ensuring that you are satisfied with the product before you place an order.

Hot-Selling Products
Product Recommendation

Smart tape for body measurement, Smart tape for pet, Goniometer Orthopedic Angle Ruler, 2-in-1 Digital Angle Finder, Digital Level Box, RV leveler, Digital Miter Saw Protractor, Universal digital protractor.

Social Responsibility

GemRed not only creates intelligent, efficient, simple and environmental friendly products for users, but also actively participates in social activities in humanistic education, donation activities, and cooperate with university scientific research teams to carry out scientific and technological projects.

In 2021, GemRed was rated as a "Caring Enterprise to Help the Needy Students" by the Guilin Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

In 2022, GemRed donated money to the Blue Sky Rescue Team, a social welfare organization, to help with flood prevention and disaster mitigation.

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Offering The Most Outstanding Quality 

We are a brand that is known around the world for providing the High Quality distance measuring tools, the factor that makes these tools the fastest is the fact that we make sure to use only premium quality products that are selected and tested by our team of expert professionals who are constantly working to ensure the standards of quality up to an international standard of quality.

We follow the ISO standards in order to make sure that the essential smart instruments and medical measuring tools that we offer are the best in terms of quality and are equipped with the latest methods of technology. Our outstanding quality and user-friendliness of the product make them highly durable and long-lasting. These are the reasons that we are known as the leading brand for the Best digital indicator tools.


The Oldest and The Most Experienced Brand

We are the brand that is known as the pioneer in the field of manufacturing medical measuring tools and Affordable level measuring tools. This is because of the fact that we are the oldest and the most experienced manufacturers of all time that are well aware of the demands of customers, providing them exactly what they require. Having a better understanding of the niche market, we are able to provide the Best indicator tools and essential smart instruments that are known and trusted by people all around the globe. 

Offering Highly Innovative Tools

Moreover, we are the brand of High Quality tools that are not only the best in terms of quality and efficiency, but we are the brand that is highly dedicated to providing the best to our customers. Keeping in mind the convenience of the customers, we offer High Quality Tools for measuring distance that are equipped with the latest methods of technology as they are digitalized, automatic, and highly convenient to use.  Even being automatic and digitalized, these essential smart instruments are highly accurate, providing accurate measurements. 

Lowest Wholesale Rates Compared To Any Other Brand

It does not end here; we also offer high qualit tools which are essential in medical fields, that have the satisfaction of customers as their priority. Thus, not only do we satisfy our customers with the best quality medical measuring tools, but we are the brand that also makes sure to balance our prices in a way that we offer the most Affordable level measuring instruments in the world. By assuring affordability, our aim is to satisfy the customers to the fullest. To add to your shopping experience, our wholesale rates are not just limited to bulk orders, but we also provide the same low rates even for the low MOQs.