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Founded in 2003, GemRed focuses on the development and application research of Capacitive Grating Sensors and MEMAS sensors, with the production and sales of angle/level measuring hardware tools as our core business. GemRed products are available in more than 60 countries, which cover three major fields: general hardware tools, industrial-grade high-precision measuring instruments, and smart tool for health management, with the characteristics of digital display, intelligence, convenience, and wireless transmission. 

GemRed has an independent technology park, 4 production lines, 4 scene labs and 2 chip COB packaging workshops. The total area of the factory is 6,600 square meters, with more than 160 employees, and the production department is readily available to ensure continuous and stable production capacity.

As the industry standard-setting unit of Capacitive Grating Sensors technology, GemRed leads high standards, strictly controls quality, and continuously optimizes products.

GemRed takes a rigorous approach to every step of the manufacturing process material inspection, production, assembly and product testing. A number of core patented technologies and temperature difference compensation algorithms to ensure the accuracy and stability of product measurement. We always uphold integrity management , pursue high-quality products and excellent servic. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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