PetGrow Smart Tape Measure Creates a New Era in Pet Health Management Supplies Market

By The Most:

Feb 22,2023

Nowadays, the pet product industry has matured in the industrial system of developed countries, and related pet products and services have become an important part of people's daily consumption, especially for pet lovers, showing strong resilience even during the period of COVID-19. According to Euromonitor data, from 2015 to 2021, the global pet product market size steadily climbed from $109.8 billion to $159.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.4%.

As the global economy mends, the growth of Smart Pet Products in 2023 will have a significant change from the previous year. The size of the pet-tech market is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2027, according to the latest research report by Global Market Insights Inc.

In Spain, the total market value of smart pet products has increased by 8 times compared with the previous year. Smart pet feeders, smart pet cameras, and smart pet water dispensers have become the "three major items" of smart pet products. The market penetration rate has exceeded 50%, and the profit margin is very considerable. Today, more and more people are monitoring their pets health condition through various digital devices. For example, FitBark, a puppy version of a FitBit-type device, monitors the pets daily activities, exercises, and sleep duration. The recorded data is synced to the pet owner's phones app and the resulting data can be accessed by veterinarians and other pet service providers.

AliExpress mentioned the "Six Trends of Domestic Products Going Overseas" in August this year, indicating that creative pet products from China are being favored by overseas consumers. With this trend, there is no surprise that competitive pet goods will create a new era in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and open up a new sales situation for e-commerce enterprises.

GemRed is a high-tech enterprise integrating knowledge innovation, technological innovation, and product innovation, has a total of 44 core invention patents and product patents and a series of measurement products characterized by digital display and intelligence, which are sold well in Europe and the United States, with an annual sales volume of more than 2000,000 sets. Ejeray, a strategic subsidiary of GemRed, is launching a new pet health management product(called PetGrow Smart Tape Measure), which is based on the market potential of smart pet products, with the R&D strength of the technical team and the advantages of manufacturers' production. This unit can accurately measure any parts of a pet's body, such as circumference, neck, height, length, and bust, and it supports wireless connection to the PetGrow APP, data recording and analysis, also, the pet owner can track the data history on the app at any time. This unit can be a compliment in the smart pet product industry, which helps improve the relevant functions of various pet devices management APPs. Certainly, it will soon form a differentiated competitive advantage in the smart pet product market. For this unit, Ejeray provides product customization services and Bluetooth transmission protocol for pet supply enterprises, which helps enrich the product ecology of pet Brands enterprises and provides more convenience for pet owners.

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Get ready to know your dog or cat is a healthy weight.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, only 39% of dog owners and 45% of cat owners consider their pets overweight or having obesity. This contrasts with numerous reports indicating over 50% of dogs and cats are overweight or have obesity. Pet obesity can cause serious health problems, and make existing problems worse, which can reduce the length and quality of your pet's life. It puts them at greater risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure, and cancers. So how can you tell if your pet is a healthy weight? The most effective way is to use the Body Condition Score (BCS) chart.

The PetGrow Smart Tape Measure can determine if your dog or cat is at a healthy weight or not through the BCS system. And you can simply find your pets breed and weight range on the chart and then compare its body shape to the images provided, which standardizes the division and judgment of the pet's healthy body shape, reminds the pet owners to pay attention to adjust their pet's exercise and diet, and raise pets scientifically.

Choose the right size of pet accessories for your pet

When you choose an inappropriate size chest harness for your dog, your dog will resist wearing it if it is in a smaller size, which will cause your dog to have difficulty breathing and the larger pressure on its chest and back. Obviously, all pet accessories need to consider the size of their body, but many pet owners do not know how to measure their pets. In recent years, there are many hot-selling pet products like pet clothes, pet collars, leashes, pet space boxes, and other needed appliances, when you're choosing these accessories for your pets, you need to know the sizes of your pet's Topline & Back, Chest Girth and Neck Girth, etc. Fortunately, the Ejeray PetGrow Smart Tape Measure can help pet owners solve all their troubles. Also, pet owners can be guided to measure pet body parts according to the types of pet appliances they purchase so that they can communicate with merchants to purchase suitable products for their pets.

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Measurement data recording and tracking.

For pet owners, it is very meaningful to record the growth process of their pets. Nowadays, most communities and forums like Facebook and Quora, have a special space for "posting pets' daily life". However, the Ejeray PetGrow Smart Tape Measure develops a growth model for pets and provides a more convenient and scientific way to record the growth of pets. At this point, we can say that this unit has a huge market in the world!

Keep the data of the pet's life cycle, and when you switch to the exercise mode, it will also record the pet's body shape cycle changes during the weight loss process. Your pet would be very happy if you could give him a reward when he finally reaches the target body shape on a stage!